About Us

Bibha Cargo & Courier Private Limited is a extension of Bibha courier services which has been in the services business from past decade in the area of courier, dedicated trucking, E- commerce logistics , parcel delivery and other associated services.

With its ever growing demand for services by our esteemed customers Bibha Cargo & Courier Private Limited has moved up in the ladder and added different services, technology and infrastructure to ensure that no customer feels the growth while they get the beyond expected services from Bibha Cargo & Courier Private Limited.

As a part of the expansion plan with demand from our customers Bibha Cargo & Courier Private Limited added several services including cash or delivery services, special biker delivery services, same day delivery services, reverse logistics, vendor pick up and delivery, in transit movements etc.

The technology has been state of the art with adding value into the same everyday to ensure our customers get the best of the information flow and our team of technology hungry team has been working relentlessly to add value on daily basis to ensure the one of the best information flow.

We provide transportation solutions to your needs with our committed team standing by for ensuring that there is no faulter in terms of services, information flow etc. But all these comes at very competitive pricing

We are Bibha Cargo & Courier Private Limited believe the safety of the product that is in our custody is extremely important and any damage is more a damage to our reputation of reliable partner.

Our Philosophy

  • Customer Focus and Attention: We focus on our customers’ requirements, expectations, and needs. We follow a customized solution approach in our business rather than off the shelf approach as every customer is unique.
  • Partnership and Teamwork: We believe in becoming a partner is progress rather than just a transporter. The team of professionals from Bibha Cargo & Courier Private Limited work along with you to achieve your organizational goals.
  • Employee Development: We in Bibha Cargo & Courier Private Limited believe imparting training as a need for every individual at any level and hence the team undergoes specific trainings on customer service, client handling, floor management product handling delivery handling, reverse movement management, MIS etc. The team also undergoes training on latest trends, processes and initiatives on regular intervals. As we believe customized services the team undergoes training for each customer handling at every level to suit the business needs of the customer.
  • Service and Quality: As the organization believes that only the service will take them forward in their business objectives the top management is completely involved in maintaining the service quality at every level be it at delivery, pick up or at MIS level. Compromises are not tolerated at any level.


Our Fleet The organization believes that having the own fleet adds to the better service because of the controls and hence owns up more than 40 dedicated vehicles only for services within NCR. This is apart from the dedicated feet on street more than 75 people who ensures the delivery network is complete to every nuke end corner of the Delhi NCR.

With the ever growing demand from our customers we are moving into other location of North in the near future to service our customers at highest levels.

Modern office at a convenient location.

Convenient located warehouses a Okhla, Sarita Vihar (Delhi), Gurgaon (Haryana), Faridabad (Haryana) and Noida (UP)

Track Your Shipment

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Reverse Shipment

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